IT Security

Course description

The IT Security module presents learners with a range of work situations that force them to question appropriate and inappropriate use of assets and encourages them to apply this knowledge to their day-to-day practices.

After completing this module your learners will be able to:
- describe the purpose of IT Security in the workplace
- explain their role and responsibilities in maintaining IT Security
- recognise the associated IT equipment and identify their responsibility to maintain these assets from loss, theft and damage
- define appropriate or inappropriate use of both email and the internet
- distinguish between acceptable or unacceptable permissions-related activities
- apply appropriate password management practices
- identify correct secure handling practices
- understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality around sensitive information
- identify company IT Security policies and contacts as well as the penalties for breaching these policies
- define the incident reporting process and their own responsibility to report suspected breaches
- recognise that company IT asset usage

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