Safety in the Field

Course description

Get your organisation on track with workplace safety and meet your compliance requirements by letting your learners explore typical non-office environments and investigate realistic scenarios. Learners are challenged not only to understand the issues and processes, but also to reflect on their own attitude to, and responsibilities for safety in their workplace.

After completing the module, your learners will be able to:
- explain why WHS is important to them, their colleagues, the workplace and community explain what specific WHS obligations they have as a team member
- identify hazards in a non-office environment, make logical assumptions about the related risks and correctly complete a hazard report
- respond appropriately to a WHS incident
- follow the relevant procedures and respond appropriately when faced with an emergency situation
- Describe the process, as well as their responsibilities if they are injured at work, or returning to work following an injury
- use the safest possible procedures for manual handling

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