Money Trail

Course description

“Money trail” is a 30-minute interactive and immersive elearning program raising awareness of money laundering and terrorism financing. The program has been reviewed and approved by Henry Davis York, one of Australia’s oldest and most successful commercial law firms. Learners are drawn into the content through stories and discussions between a journalist and an ex-Australian Federal Police officer. In the process, they learn about the economics of crime and discover the responsibility they have to identify suspicious customers and activities.

After completing the module, your learners will be able to:
- explain why criminals must ‘launder’ the proceeds of their crimes in order to utilise them
- explain why terrorist organisations must conceal the true nature of their financial transactions, including their income and expenditure
- describe how the problem of money laundering and terrorism financing is being addressed in Australia through the AML/CTF Acts with the assistance of AUSTRAC
- explain how money laundering is achieved, and describe the three stages of money laundering: placement, layering and integration
- explain how terrorism financing is achieved
- demonstrate a commitment to be part of the solution by complying with requirements of the legislation
- articulate the consequences to society, your organisation and to you personally of failing to comply

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